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ShapesGirl Personal Training Gym

ShapesGirl is the personal training gym produced by Toshiki Ozeki who is a personal trainer widely known worldwide.

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ShapesGirl is personal training gym that makes women all over the world happy and smiling through body makeovers and weight control.


Experienced Personal Trainers

Kind and careful instruction

Elegant and Feminine bodyshape

Posture improvement

Increase metabolism


Personal trainers works

weight loss and body makeover results



Customer Testimonials


Ms. S, works for a foreign company

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I lost 3 kilos and my jeans size went down from 28 inches to 26 inches. My jeans used to be tight, but now they have extra leg room. Everyone told me I lost weight right after I started personal training with Ms. Ozeki. It was good that the diet restrictions were not too strict and I could eat any meat I wanted. My bowel movements also improved. As a result, I have lost weight, but whether I lose weight or not, the fact that OZEKI's training is not mentally painful is the reason why I have been able to continue for almost a year.


Y.S, works at a financial company

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"From September to mid-December, my weight has gone down by 7 kg and my fat percentage by 7-9%. The other day, when I wore a dress to a company party, everyone was really surprised to see how slim my waist had become and how my collarbones were showing. Everyone in the company is now interested in personal training after seeing me.


K.Y, company executive

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I lost 5 kg in 3 months. I only had personal training twice a week. I don't mean to be rude in comparison, but OZEKI was different from my previous personal trainer in that he was more theoretical, polite, and thorough, and his content was on a whole different level.


N.J, office worker

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After the first month of personal training, my pants became 2 to 3 cm looser in the waist and thigh area. After 3 months, my body fat percentage went from 32% to 25% and my weight went from 53 kg to 46 kg. The personal trainer, Mr. OZEKI, is very attentive to me as a beginner. Even when I felt discouraged, he always encouraged me and my diet was a great success."


M.M, pharmacist

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I started the program for my wedding in 4 months. In the end, I went from 54kg to 45kg and body fat percentage from 34% to 24% in 3 months, but due to my pregnancy, it ended earlier than planned.... I had never been involved in sports or club activities before, so I had no guts, but the training was tough at times, but I am glad that I was taught in detail, no matter how basic it was. Thanks to that, I never got injured, and I always felt safe and comfortable, which made training very easy. Personal training is really good for beginners. The diet and nutritional guidance was also very effective. I was bulimic, but I think I did my best. I was a bit confused at first because the diet was completely different from what I was used to, but thanks to your frequent advice by e-mail, etc., and your watchful eye, I was able to keep going. Thank you very much.


J.K,fitness instructor

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"I was not a good instructor at all, and I had a body shape that was not like an instructor's. So I put aside my pride and asked for a personal trainer. I was worried about what would happen if I did any training because I was chronically tired from moving too much, but it was the opposite. I was surprised to see how quickly my body shape improved and how tired I became. The training is very good and makes sense to compensate for the shortcomings of yoga, pilates, and aerobics movements. I also learn a lot about stretching and other body knowledge.


E.H, housewife

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Six months after giving birth, I weighed 2 kg more than my pre-pregnancy weight. I started personal training once a week for 3 months. Not only did her weight return to her pre-pregnancy weight, but her jeans became looser, her body line became tighter, and she was one size smaller. My friends asked me, "How did you lose weight? I can't believe you have the body shape of someone who gave birth! They say. My hope was to have personal training twice a week, but it is difficult to make time when you have a child. But even once a week was enough to see immediate results, and I would recommend it to my friends who are busy with childcare."


S.B, fashion model

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I used to find time to go to the gym, run, and work hard to stay in shape. Now, however, Mr. OZEKI has taught me to eat wisely and train wisely, and I realize that I don't need to spend a lot of time to get in shape. Even when I am unable to exercise due to work, I no longer gain weight quickly or become flabby like before. I think my basal metabolism has increased. However, I have found that personal training with Mr. OZEKI is more effective than training hard, even though it is less frequent. It saves me a lot of time."


M.G, 50s, doctor

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Mr. OZEKI is a very learned man and his training is surprisingly scientific. I used to just vaguely tell my patients to exercise, but now I can actually try efficient scientific exercise myself and specifically say that this type of exercise is good, and it helps me in my work. Above all, I've made myself healthier."


S.F, photographer

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The reason I started personal training was to lose weight and to cure my back pain. My previous knowledge about dieting was that meat was a no-no, and aerobic exercise was better than muscle training! I had never done muscle training with dumbbells, etc., even if I went to the gym. Because I thought it would make me muscular instead of slimming down. And the serious thing is back pain. In addition to the fact that I was born with a strong, warped back that is easy to strain, my job as a wedding photographer requires me to be on my feet for an average of six hours while wearing three cameras. I had an upset back once and had to see a chiropractor once a month. It must have been about three months since I started. People around me said, "You've lost weight! What surprised me even more was the condition of my back. At first, I was afraid to do personal training, but gradually I could feel the position of my center of gravity changing. By bending at the waist, my center of gravity, which had been in front of me, shifted backward little by little. Conversely, as I became more tired, I could also see that my center of gravity was shifting forward. Also, I can put more strength into my inner thighs and hips? I am now able to do so. I can be aware of the correct posture by myself. And the number of chiropractic visits has decreased dramatically. If you leave it alone because of back pain, your muscles will become weaker and weaker. It is because it is a weak area that we need to train. Mr. OZEKI did a good job of controlling the amount of that. Also, this winter, I realized that muscle training warms you up from the core, even though you are not running. I think women in particular are feeling it."


How to choose a personal trainer

Would you like to learn a few pointers on how to choose a personal trainer in general? Whether you're looking for a personal trainer for weight loss, rehabilitation, sports performance, or just as someone to talk to, there are many reasons why you might want to seek out a personal trainer or personal training program.

If you can't manage your own body, how can you manage someone else's body and get weight loss or body makeover results?

Does the personal trainer have the expertise you are looking for? Are you looking to lose weight and make up your body? Is it for sports? Are you looking for rehabilitation? Personal trainers also have their own areas of expertise. Personal trainers also have their own specialties, just like doctors and lawyers have their own specialties. Even the same doctor. A dentist is one thing, a dermatologist is quite another. You may also need to clarify your own goals in choosing a personal trainer, whether they are for weight loss, sports, or conditioning.


Experienced personal trainers

ShapesGirl's personal trainers have seen many clients over the years, and experienced personal trainers know the various patterns of weight loss failure.

One of them is the choice of training content.

There are two types of strength training: sports type strength training and slimming type strength training.

If you get this wrong, you will have a serious problem.

You can work out and feel physically fulfilled, but you can't lose weight...


Women can lose weight beautifully

gym equipments


Changing your body shape requires more than diet alone. After all, you need physical training.But when you think of physical training, don't you think that you are good at exercise or have experience with sports training?


We, ShapesGirl, have a distinctly different purpose than any other personal training, gym or diet. Because at our ShapesGirl, we are the only one in the personal training industry whose purpose in training is to create a fashionable body shape, not bodybuilding contests, or athlete bodies. Did you know that hard workout training and hard dietary restrictions are far removed from a fashion body type?



At ShapesGirl, we've made our body makeover methods "more result-oriented & more female body-friendly". Diets that don't last won't work if they are unreasonable. Diets that are quick to rebound are like creating a body that is difficult to lose weight. ShapesGirl is the only results-oriented, yet body-making method that is gentle on women's bodies. The Shapes Girl is the only one with a bodybuilding method that is gentle on the female body while focusing on results. We are evolving with personal training gyms. So, at ShapesGirl, you can lose weight more feminine and have a more female-friendly body makeover than ever before.


How to take your ideal Body-shape



The top fashion model's favorite method


fashion model's favorite weight loss


ShapesGirl's personal training programs are based on over 30 years of personal trainer experience in Body Makeover and weight loss.

If you are uncomfortable with exercise and training, or have been on a variety of weight loss programs in the past, we are here to help you.

With the OZEKI body makeover method, you can lose a great deal of weight in a short period of time with efficient and reliable results, and reducing the size is a given.

The ShapesGirl is the same body makeover program as the top fashion models.
While getting down in size, the posture and lower body sliming can meet women's detailed body makeover requests.


Personal Trainer Ozeki Toshiaki



Shisetore weight loss shapesgirl

This pelvic tilt can drastically reduce the effectiveness of your exercises. When the pelvic tilt is present, the training load does not work well on the muscles that you want to gain weight in the area you want to work on, but only on the area you don't want to gain weight in, and the load is lost on the bones and muscles. In other words, it's useless to do exercises with a tilted pelvis, and it's impossible to achieve what we call "partial weight loss".

This is Shapes Ozeki's unique body makeover method that restores the pelvis to a vertical position. The "Shisetore" method increases the effectiveness of the exercises and produces dramatic changes in body line and silhouette in a short period of time.

It also creates a muscular corset to fix the vertical lines regained by the "Shisetore", the most beautiful posture and silhouette. The muscle corset secures the body in place and allows the body to maintain a beautiful posture without conscious effort. "Shisetore" is the only body-makeovering method that will not only bring about dramatic changes in body line and size reduction in a short period of time, but will also help you to achieve beautiful posture and body line.


Shisetore weight loss shapesgirl

Strength training to increase your basal metabolism...
Jogging to increase activity and metabolism...
Restricted diet, calorie intake...
You can go on all kinds of diets and lose more weight, but you can't lose the parts you want to lose...
The boundary between the buttocks and legs, the size of the buttocks, the imbalance between the lower and upper body...

Do you wonder why you can't seem to lose weight in the areas you are concerned about?

First of all, this pelvic tilt causes a variation in the level of muscle tension, which results in the skeletal joint angles not being linear, and as a result, physically changes the silhouette of the body shape.

The silhouette is created by the joint angles of the skeleton. If you don't adjust the joint angles as a matter of course physically, the silhouette of your body shape won't change at all, regardless of whether you lose weight or not. Even if a woman with a medium upper body and a large lower body loses weight and changes her clothing size, the imbalance between her lower and upper body remains the same if her upper body is an S and her lower body is a M. It creates so-called "unattainable areas" or "tartness in certain places".

This is also the reason why you can't lose weight on your thighs, calves, waist, hips, and arms, such as "I want to lose weight, but my legs are still too big", "My upper body is thin but my lower body is too fat", or "There is no border between my hips and thighs".



More Fashionable

fashin model's lose weight body makeover personaltrainer Gym ShapesGirl


We ShapesGirl think of "body makeover and lose weight = fashion". So, why don't you change your body shape and enjoy fashion more and more? Anyone can change their shape with our body makeover personal training. Can we stop wearing figure-hiding fashions? Would you like to body-makeover your body so that you can enjoy fashion as freely as you wish, with a body shape that allows you to choose the clothes you want to wear, not the clothes you choose to wear? Only the OZEKI body makeover method, used by top models, can do that. Let get the most enjoyment out of life by our ShapesGirl, the women's only body make up gym.

How to take your ideal Body-shape


Body makeover at ShapesGirl!



More smiles, more happy!

women's personal training gym weightloss bodymakeover personaltrainer shapes


Gym, lose weight, personal training, personal trainer, you're so confused about a lot of things! . The world is flooded with all kinds of body makeover and lose weight methods. Are you a body makeover refugee or lose weight refugee? Are you going a long way with them? Time and money should be used to its maximum advantage. A solid woman can make wise choices in both gyms and personal training. Solid women don't waste time and money. Choose the trusted and proven ShapesGirl from the start, and you'll be happier and more Wouldn't you like to be a smiley face?

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I am very happy with the results of my personal training. This was my first time with personal training, but it was still more than I had ever known before. I became even more interested in dieting & body makeover after learning about it. Even during the tough times, my personal trainer was cheerful and encouraging from the same female perspective, so I was able to finish I didn't give up and I soldiered on.・・more



Personal Training Questions

Do you have to do any exercise other than personal training at the gym to lose weight? , Is ShapesGirl's diet strict? Can you lose weight without changing your diet, even if you only do personal training? You can't eat carbs, can you? Is it possible to lose weight, legs, and partial weight? But do we have any results? Are women the only personal trainers? Do you run or something?・・・more




The secret to a fashion model's body shape is her pelvic tilt! This is called "Shisetore", and it is the training of the same angle as the model. If you don't have the proper training, you'll have a wobbly base, with no muscle tone. The front of the thighs are unbalanced, the front of the thighs are flabby, the back is thicker, and the body is unbeautiful. It will be.・・more


Personal Training Gym Locations


ShapesGirl is currently, from the Shibuya main store in Tokyo to the main island of Okinawa. We've opened personal training gyms as far away as Hawaii and ShapesGirl women's gyms. Personal Training has been embraced by women all over the world. Women's personal trainers specialize in body makeover and weight loss training gym・・・more


Female personal trainer

Female Personal Trainer Shapes Certification All female personal trainersThe ShapesGirl has been a favorite of many women for 20 years because it has been trusted by top fashion models. There is more to it than just the personal body makeover
training techniques. All of our qualified personal trainers who specialize in fashion body makeover and weight loss are women, the same women Personal training with personal instruction, gently leaning on the feelings of・・・more



Fee Prise personalWomen all over the world are getting body makeovers from ShapesGirl, weight loss specialist. Personal Training Course. The same short, intensive pre-audition dieting course as top fashion models, significant size reduction weight course that will help you lose weight in the downed areas and make your body resistant to rebounding, a great deal. Campaign discounts and more・・more


Ozeki Toshaiki

ozeki toshiaki hawaii

Ozeki Toshiaki is NO.1 personal trainer in Japan. He has been widely recognized by fashion models around the world as a personal trainer known and trusted by top models at international fashion shows and Miss World. Gym for body makeover・・・・more


Many media achievements

media appearances

Many media appearances, training supervision, weight loss coverage, TV, movies, radio, etc. It's a body make over method, so women who are new to personal training can feel comfortable with it. We can take care of it. ShapesGirl, a women's body makeover gym, is the OZEKI you can trust The body make up method gives you peace of mind.・・more


Personal training gym

Stylish Gym For Women, Women's Favorite Gym ShapesGirl Body Makeover Gym Shapes

ShapesGirl doesn't just offer the trusted and proven Ozeki body makeover & lose weight method. We think it's important to have a gym environment where women can feel safe and secure in their body makeover, and we've designed the interior, muscle training equipment, female-friendly, female personaltrainer etc・・more


Visits and free consultations


ShapesGirl Gym visits and free consultations are available by appointment only. To make a reservation, please contact us using the form below.


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