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The only "Shisetore" is Shapes.With Shisetore, it's a natural passage to efficiently lose size and weight. This is the only body shaping program in the world that can help you lose weight while simultaneously improving your posture, lower body and other body parts. Shisetore is a must for women to lose weight and is the only body makeover method for women.



Why does Shisetore lose weight?

Shisetore weight loss shapesgirl

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Muscles burn huge amounts of calories just by sitting still. So, to lose weight, muscle is essential. However, women have only one twentieth the amount of hormones that build muscle compared to men, so building muscle is very difficult and requires an enormous amount of time and training. In other words, it is fundamentally very difficult for women to "lose weight". However, it's also unrealistic to train 20 times as hard as men. That's why quality is so important for women to fill in the blanks, and "Shisetore" is essential for women's body improvement. By correctly correcting your pelvis with a Shisetore session, the load is transferred to the muscles correctly and the effect of the training can be achieved, and you can fill in the blanks of 1/20. This is why even women who have not been able to lose weight with any kind of strength and exercise training can certainly lose weight.



Shisetore can help you lose weight in parts!


Shisetore weight loss shapesgirl


Are there any top models who are underweight? By changing the tilt of the pelvis, which is the center of the body and the foundation of the body, from the skeletal structure to the same tilt of the pelvis as the top model, you can get the same straight and tight body silhouette as the top model from head to feet. In other words, you can get a slender body shape and get rid of lower body weight, O-legged, and other problems such as weird muscle tone of legs and feet at once.



Shisetore is a must for women.


A quick summary of why Shisetore is essential for female body makeover & weight loss is

  • ill in the blanks of 1/20.
  • You will have the same slender body silhouette as top models
  • They will also give you a body makeover for the parts of your body that you are worried about, such as your lower body.


Perfect body makeover for women Shisetore


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restructuring of your joint angle by shisetore


Vertical Pelvis angle shisetore


Inclining forward or Backward tilting Pelvis angle shisetore


adjust pelvis angle shisetore


20 years experience as a top personal trainer shisetore


How to adjust pelvis angle shisetore


Backward tilting From to vertical by shisetore


Compound exercise shisetore


Comparison with body makeover and lose weight method shisetore



More smiles, more happy!

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Gym, lose weight, personal training, personal trainer, you're so confused about a lot of things! . The world is flooded with all kinds of body makeover and lose weight methods. Are you a body makeover refugee or lose weight refugee? Are you going a long way with them? Time and money should be used to its maximum advantage. A solid woman can make wise choices in both gyms and personal training. Solid women don't waste time and money. Choose the trusted and proven ShapesGirl from the start, and you'll be happier and more Wouldn't you like to be a smiley face?

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I am very happy with the results of my personal training. This was my first time with personal training, but it was still more than I had ever known before. I became even more interested in dieting & body makeover after learning about it. Even during the tough times, my personal trainer was cheerful and encouraging from the same female perspective, so I was able to finish I didn't give up and I soldiered on.・・more



Personal Training Questions

Do you have to do any exercise other than personal training at the gym to lose weight? , Is ShapesGirl's diet strict? Can you lose weight without changing your diet, even if you only do personal training? You can't eat carbs, can you? Is it possible to lose weight, legs, and partial weight? But do we have any results? Are women the only personal trainers? Do you run or something?・・・more




The secret to a fashion model's body shape is her pelvic tilt! This is called "Shisetore", and it is the training of the same angle as the model. If you don't have the proper training, you'll have a wobbly base, with no muscle tone. The front of the thighs are unbalanced, the front of the thighs are flabby, the back is thicker, and the body is unbeautiful. It will be.・・more


Personal Training Gym Locations


ShapesGirl is currently, from the Shibuya main store in Tokyo to the main island of Okinawa. We've opened personal training gyms as far away as Hawaii and ShapesGirl women's gyms. Personal Training has been embraced by women all over the world. Women's personal trainers specialize in body makeover and weight loss training gym・・・more


Female personal trainer

Female Personal Trainer Shapes Certification All female personal trainersThe ShapesGirl has been a favorite of many women for 20 years because it has been trusted by top fashion models. There is more to it than just the personal body makeover
training techniques. All of our qualified personal trainers who specialize in fashion body makeover and weight loss are women, the same women Personal training with personal instruction, gently leaning on the feelings of・・・more



Fee Prise personalWomen all over the world are getting body makeovers from ShapesGirl, weight loss specialist. Personal Training Course. The same short, intensive pre-audition dieting course as top fashion models, significant size reduction weight course that will help you lose weight in the downed areas and make your body resistant to rebounding, a great deal. Campaign discounts and more・・more


Ozeki Toshaiki

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Ozeki Toshiaki is NO.1 personal trainer in Japan. He has been widely recognized by fashion models around the world as a personal trainer known and trusted by top models at international fashion shows and Miss World. Gym for body makeover・・・・more


Many media achievements

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Many media appearances, training supervision, weight loss coverage, TV, movies, radio, etc. It's a body make over method, so women who are new to personal training can feel comfortable with it. We can take care of it. ShapesGirl, a women's body makeover gym, is the OZEKI you can trust The body make up method gives you peace of mind.・・more


Personal training gym

Stylish Gym For Women, Women's Favorite Gym ShapesGirl Body Makeover Gym Shapes

ShapesGirl doesn't just offer the trusted and proven Ozeki body makeover & lose weight method. We think it's important to have a gym environment where women can feel safe and secure in their body makeover, and we've designed the interior, muscle training equipment, female-friendly, female personaltrainer etc・・more


Visits and free consultations


ShapesGirl Gym visits and free consultations are available by appointment only. To make a reservation, please contact us using the form below.


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