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Personal Training


What does personal training at ShapesGirl involve? Watch below to get an idea of what ShapesGirl's personal training is all about.


 what ShapesGirl's personal training


ShapesGirl's Personal Training

ShapesGirl's personal trainer instruction


ShapesGirl's personal training content and personal instruction is explained here.



The Process of Personal Training

personal training meeting

Please make an appointment at your local Shapesgirl location for a visit & personal training explanation via email, phone or InstaDM. If you come to the store suddenly, we may not be able to accommodate you while we are in the middle of a personal training session, so we ask that you understand this and make an appointment to see the store smoothly. We are a women's only personal training gym, so no men are allowed to be accompanied by a companion. Please note that all of our stores are staffed by ShapesGirl-certified female personal trainers who specialize in body makeover and lose weight and have a wealth of experience. In addition, ShapesGirl is so confident in the content of our training that we do not use or sell any proteins or supplements, so you will not be charged extra for anything other than personal training. You can rest assured that we will never charge you anything extra for anything other than personal training.

ShapesGirl Gym List



Visit the gym

female peronal trainer guide you

Don't worry if you're new to both the gym and personal training. Over 90% of Shapes Girl's customers are new to personal training. Also, please don't worry if you have any concerns about dieting and body makeup. More than 90% of Shapes Girl customers are those who have tried various diets and body makeovers in the past, but were not satisfied. Shapes Girl's personal trainers are all women. Experienced female personal trainers specializing in body makeover and weight loss will be kind and courteous to you and guide you.



Introduce from our personal trainer

The female personal trainer of ShapesGirl would like to say hello and introduce herself. The female personal trainers at Shapes Girl are professional female body makeover personal trainers who have passed rigorous and difficult exams.



Before explaining the personal training content

Qustion Before explaining the personal training content

Before explaining the personal training


Please answer a few simple questions before explaining the personal training content. What kind of diet have you been on before and what kind of diet have you been on? You will be asked to answer simple questions such as You don't have to answer any difficult questions that you don't want to be asked, so don't worry.



Ask our professional personal trainer

ask our professional personal trainer

You can ask our professional personal trainer about your past weight loss experiences, and why you are currently training but not getting into your ideal body.


Why ShapesGirl's Personal Training?

For women, weight loss ShapesGirlパーソナルトレーナー

For women, weight loss is no longer something that can be done alone. Of course, there are some women who have been able to stick it out and succeed. However, that is only a small percentage. If you have plenty of time and are able to spend a lot of time on your diet, you probably don't have enough time for work, child-rearing, and housework. That's why we, the professional body makeover ShapesGirl personal trainers, are here. There is a lot of weight loss information on the internet.Even if you are on the right track, you may not be able to tell if it is right for your body. This is because every person has a different body type, structure, and muscle balance, and the same training discipline often works for person A, but has the opposite effect on person B. That's why it makes sense for women to lose weight with personal training at ShapesGirl.


Why Personal training

Personal training because each individual has a different body type and structure.

If you've lost weight but can't lose weight in your waist, calves, lower abdomen, or other parts of your body that you want to lose, or if you can't lose weight in your legs or lower body, our body-makeover professionals will help you find out why and how to do it properly and efficiently according to your body.


OZEKI Method

OZEKI Method shisetore


Increasing Basic Metabolism by Shisetore

Increasing Basic Metabolism personal training

The shortcut and the high road to weight loss is to increase your basal metabolism. How can you increase your basal metabolism? There is only one answer: build muscle. However, women have only one-twentieth the amount of muscle-building hormones of men. However, can you train 20 times as much? Shisetore makes up for that one-twentieth of a handicap.



Definitely change your shape

Definitely change your shape


This combination of Shisetore-excise and light-weight training is the only way for women who have difficulty losing weight to do so. In addition, you can lose weight in the areas you are interested in at the same time. In short, chisel training is an easy way for anyone to gain muscle mass in a balanced way, increase basal metabolism, reduce body fat, and at the same time, create a beautiful body line, such as partial weight loss.



Gym Guide and Personal Training Trial

Personal Training Trial

After the counseling, you will be given a tour of the gym and a brief personal training session if you wish. You do not need to change your clothes for your personal training experience. Please make a reservation with a personal trainer at least a few days in advance to avoid conflicting appointments with other customers. Please make a reservation with your personal trainer at least a few days in advance.


Our ShapesGirl personal trainers are professionals

ShapesGirl Certified Personal Trainer


ShapesGirl personal trainers are professional body makeovers. There are many different areas of personal trainers. We at ShapesGirl offer personal training that focuses on body makeover weight loss for women's bodies.


Start Personal Training

Personal training starts with a pelvic tilt.

Is the pelvis tilted forward or backward? personal training


Now it's time for your personal training to begin, and you'll be able to get into a different body shape after your 30 day or 70 day course. The first step in your personal training is to check your pelvic tilt. Whether your pelvis is tilted forward or backward will affect the way you put on fat and muscle, so personal training must be tailored to your body shape and individual characteristics. In fact, even if you don't figure out the tilt of the pelvis as shown in this picture, we see a lot of different bodies every day, so you can tell the tilt of the pelvis just by the way you walk and the gesture.

Shisetore personal training

A slender top fashion model has a vertical pelvic tilt. Top fashion models such as Chanel and Dior do not have their pelvis tilted back or forward. Do you see any of these top models with a lot of body fat, muscularity or overweight in their lower body? No, right? In other words, if you make your pelvic tilt angle as vertical as that of a top model, you will automatically have the same slender and balanced figure as a top model. And there's only one body-makeover training program that makes your pelvis vertical, and that's the Shisetore.

※I'm going to skip the actual Shisetore training here.


Example of Shisetore + Squat

Shisetore personal training gym

Training Gym peronal trainer

This is a free weight squat (a training method that uses a barbell to keep you wobbly and balanced throughout your body). Muscles are created when a weight load is applied to them in a way that is antagonistic to gravity in terms of muscle physiology. No matter how much you move your muscles, if you don't follow this muscle physiology principle, even if you have a sore muscle, it's just a damaged muscle that won't grow when it recovers. Simply put, you won't lose weight by training with a load via cable or just your body weight. So, there are many different ways to do free weight squats, depending on your goals. For example, a squat for sports performance or bodybuilding contests may look the same at first glance, but there is actually a huge difference in foot width, center of gravity, and even hand holding between squats for female body shape. The squats we ShapesGirl perform may look the same at first glance, but they are completely different in terms of the speed at which they are moved and the presence or absence of recoil. In addition, each body has a different pelvic tilt angle, so if you don't do squats with the same vertical pelvis as a top model, you'll end up with a squat that has lumpy legs. This is what we focus on in ShapesGirl's personal training. By the way, in the above two pictures, it's clearly the wrong formed squat for a body shape. I hope you can see what is female body shape and what is not. Isn't it sad that all of your training efforts are going to be in vain?


Individualized adjustments to the body

Persona Training Individualized adjustments to the body

The picture above shows how to make the Shisetore exercise more effective. As with other training exercises, the load, speed, and timing of the exercise will vary depending on the individual's physical characteristics. Our professional ShapesGirl personal trainers can help you customize your workout to suit your body's unique needs.


"Model muscles"

Model muscles personal training


The woman in this photo has poor fine muscle balance in her shoulder joints, which we can determine is affecting her lower body weight, so we are doing this training. The OZEKI Method calls these minor muscles "Model muscles". In this picture, we are working the model muscles around the shoulders. We call model muscles those muscular areas that are not often seen in the general public, but are developed in top fashion models. Like Shisetore, the concept of model muscle was developed by Toshiaki Ozeki based on his 20 years of experience teaching fashion model body makeover, and there are 12 model muscles in the body, and this picture shows one of them. As with other training disciplines, the load, speed and timing of the exercise will vary depending on your individual physical characteristics. If you're not sure what model muscle area you're missing, you can trust our professional ShapesGirl personal trainers to help you find it.

Model muscles



When training, the proper foot width and foot orientation is also different for each individual. This is because each person has a different frame, shape and muscle balance. Have you ever read a book, read an internet article, or watched a video and tried to copy the workout, but your body shape didn't change? That's because we haven't been able to arrange it to suit your individual frame, shape and muscle balance. You can leave that arrangement to our professional ShapesGirl personal trainers at ShapesGirl Personal Training, and you'll be fine with that arrangement.


Personal Training with the Female Personal Trainer



ShapesGirl's personal training is personal training only with the female personal trainer. It is especially safe for those who do not like to be touched by a male eye or a male trainer. Shapes Girl's personal training is equipped with an environment friendly to women, so that even women who have not been able to lose weight no matter what they do, will be able to get your result.


Our Personal training for your smile!

ShapesGirl's Personal training for your smile!

You can't lose weight by training hard and working out hard.ShapesGirl's personal training is fun with our female trainer, and before you know it, the time will have gone by in no time. The pride of the ShapesGirl is that it is enjoyable with our female trainer, and the time will fly by without you even knowing it.It is the pride of ShapesGirl that you can enjoy personal training that is very deep and precise to your individual body, and anyone can get results.


What happens when you get lost for a meal?

personal trainer What happens when you get lost

personal training meal what

If you need help with food or any other issues during the course, please feel free to contact us. You can trust our professional ShapesGirl personal trainers, who are experienced body improvement professionals, to take care of you.


Rental clothing available

wear personal training

what wear for personal training

We have rental clothing available, so you can come to personal training empty-handed. On your way home from work, on the way to work, or before or after shopping, you'll have more fun with less baggage.

※Introduced in some stores


Eating the right food for your body


I believe that weight loss and diet are inseparable. That's certainly true. You can lose weight and lose weight if you reduce or adjust your meals. On the other hand, the fact is that without training, you won't build muscle in terms of muscle physiology. Without muscle, your basal metabolism will not increase, and you will be on a temporary weight loss and rebounding will continue forever. On the other hand, if you have muscle, you'll use more and more fat just to stay still, even if you're sleeping. And if you have muscle, it will help you write off the extra food you eat. In other words, training is more important than food when it comes to weight loss & body makeup, and it's not an exaggeration to say that training is everything. If you're training and you're personal training and you can't lose weight or lose weight, there's something wrong with your training. The Shapes Girl's philosophy on eating is that training is everything, but when combined with dietary adjustments, the results are faster, and that's our stance on food.

※ We also offer bodybuilding courses without dietary guidance.




We ShapesGirl are absolutely confident in our personal training content, quality and results, so we do not need or recommend any protein powder or supplements for personal training. In the case of women, protein powder is prohibited because it often increases fat instead. Of course, we don't sell protein or supplements, so you don't need to spend any extra money other than the personal training course fee.


Our personal trainer with you, so it's okay

personal trainer with you lose weight personal training


Women don't work hard to lose weight alone. We ShapesGirl have seen so many women who try too hard to diet alone and are running on empty. You shouldn't go too far anymore. Our female body makeover professionals will do their best to be kind and polite.



Personal Training Fee


Personal Training Fee




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More smiles, more happy!

women's personal training gym weightloss bodymakeover personaltrainer shapes


Gym, lose weight, personal training, personal trainer, you're so confused about a lot of things! . The world is flooded with all kinds of body makeover and lose weight methods. Are you a body makeover refugee or lose weight refugee? Are you going a long way with them? Time and money should be used to its maximum advantage. A solid woman can make wise choices in both gyms and personal training. Solid women don't waste time and money. Choose the trusted and proven ShapesGirl from the start, and you'll be happier and more Wouldn't you like to be a smiley face?

personaltraining flow personaltraining flow




moniter voice personaltrainig

I am very happy with the results of my personal training. This was my first time with personal training, but it was still more than I had ever known before. I became even more interested in dieting & body makeover after learning about it. Even during the tough times, my personal trainer was cheerful and encouraging from the same female perspective, so I was able to finish I didn't give up and I soldiered on.・・more



Personal Training Questions

Do you have to do any exercise other than personal training at the gym to lose weight? , Is ShapesGirl's diet strict? Can you lose weight without changing your diet, even if you only do personal training? You can't eat carbs, can you? Is it possible to lose weight, legs, and partial weight? But do we have any results? Are women the only personal trainers? Do you run or something?・・・more




The secret to a fashion model's body shape is her pelvic tilt! This is called "Shisetore", and it is the training of the same angle as the model. If you don't have the proper training, you'll have a wobbly base, with no muscle tone. The front of the thighs are unbalanced, the front of the thighs are flabby, the back is thicker, and the body is unbeautiful. It will be.・・more


Personal Training Gym Locations


ShapesGirl is currently, from the Shibuya main store in Tokyo to the main island of Okinawa. We've opened personal training gyms as far away as Hawaii and ShapesGirl women's gyms. Personal Training has been embraced by women all over the world. Women's personal trainers specialize in body makeover and weight loss training gym・・・more


Female personal trainer

Female Personal Trainer Shapes Certification All female personal trainersThe ShapesGirl has been a favorite of many women for 20 years because it has been trusted by top fashion models. There is more to it than just the personal body makeover
training techniques. All of our qualified personal trainers who specialize in fashion body makeover and weight loss are women, the same women Personal training with personal instruction, gently leaning on the feelings of・・・more



Fee Prise personalWomen all over the world are getting body makeovers from ShapesGirl, weight loss specialist. Personal Training Course. The same short, intensive pre-audition dieting course as top fashion models, significant size reduction weight course that will help you lose weight in the downed areas and make your body resistant to rebounding, a great deal. Campaign discounts and more・・more


Ozeki Toshaiki

ozeki toshiaki hawaii

Ozeki Toshiaki is NO.1 personal trainer in Japan. He has been widely recognized by fashion models around the world as a personal trainer known and trusted by top models at international fashion shows and Miss World. Gym for body makeover・・・・more


Many media achievements

media appearances

Many media appearances, training supervision, weight loss coverage, TV, movies, radio, etc. It's a body make over method, so women who are new to personal training can feel comfortable with it. We can take care of it. ShapesGirl, a women's body makeover gym, is the OZEKI you can trust The body make up method gives you peace of mind.・・more


Personal training gym

Stylish Gym For Women, Women's Favorite Gym ShapesGirl Body Makeover Gym Shapes

ShapesGirl doesn't just offer the trusted and proven Ozeki body makeover & lose weight method. We think it's important to have a gym environment where women can feel safe and secure in their body makeover, and we've designed the interior, muscle training equipment, female-friendly, female personaltrainer etc・・more


Visits and free consultations


ShapesGirl Gym visits and free consultations are available by appointment only. To make a reservation, please contact us using the form below.


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